Majesty Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

Hardwood Floor Care

Majesty Hardwood Floors uses advanced finishes to make durability and maintenance easier than ever. Just follow instructions below to make your hardwood floors last.

Keep room temperature before during and after installation 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, with humidity levels between 35%-55%.

Extended Direct Sunlight can discolor your floor. Use window treatments to keep direct sunlight off of your floor, direct sunlight can change color and potentially shrink, crack or warp boards. Remember Hardwood is a natural product.

Furniture needs to have proper foot protection. Small legs on chairs, sofas or dressers can damage your hardwood. Make sure each foot of the furniture has at least a 2” flat round or flat square protector to disperse weight. Be sure to remove or cover any metal or plastic caps. Dust can also accumulate on foot, so if you pull or drag a chair across it can cause micro scratching. Keep foot and floor clean to avoid the “sandpaper” scrape effect.
Pets nails should be kept trimmed. Don’t let your pet scratch your hardwood.

Sweep or vacuum (with soft bristle brushes) or use an untreated dust mop on your floor regularly to remove dust and dirt. Wipe up any spills or spots immediately using a slightly dampened cloth or paper towel. Old cleaning methods of “wet mopping” will now damage your floor and void your warranty. Never pour water directly onto your floor. Always mist or lightly damp wipe. For everyday cleaning use bona hardwood flooring products. Visit to learn about their products. Never use a steam machine or rotating bristle brush on your floor, it will damage the finish. Mechanical scrubbers are not to be used on the floor. Light damp mop or mist spray and wipe by hand only.

Place area rugs in high traffic areas like kitchen sink areas or hallways. Make sure that are rugs have an approved backing material for hardwood floors, some can discolor hardwoods. Move area rugs around occasionally to even out the UV light exposure which could lead to oxidation induced color change.

When moving heavy objects, place a sheet of plywood or Masonite under the object being moved to distribute the weight and avoid any scratches. Do not drag or slide any heavy objects across the wood floor. For light pieces use a blanket or piece of carpet face down under the object then slowly move the object.


Do not use oil, soap & water, paste wax products or other household cleaning products to clean your hardwood floors. IT is critical that you use Bona hardwood cleaning products and in most cases Bona cleaning systems (designed mop for hardwood).

High heels are notorious for denting hardwood, they should not be worn on hardwood floors. Heels that have lost their protective cap or a person standing on one leg wearing heels can exert more force PSI than an elephant. This will damage any floor, but always crush or dent hardwood.

Small rocks, sand, gravel or heavy topical dust can cause deep scratches.