Majesty Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

Hardwood Floor Limited Warranty

Thank you for choosing Majesty wood flooring. We appreciate your business. Protect your investment and review the installation and care instructions. Follow all instructions to keep warranty in effect

25 Year Residential Finish Warranty & 5 Year Light Commercial “Walk” Finish Warranty

Majesty Wood Floors Warrants to the original purchaser, that it’s factory applied coating with Aluminum Oxide will not wear through or separate from the floor within 25 Year under normal residential conditions and uses, and 5 Year Light Commercial under normal Commercial “walk” conditions and uses. Note: Heavy objects with small wheels, carts and indentations are not covered on this finish warranty.

Material Warranty

Majesty Wood Floors warrants that the material is free from manufacturing defects which are improper milling (cutting veneer) or improper conditioning of the wood (drying veneer). Natural wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, knots, grain variation and normal minor differences between color of sample and color of installed floor are normal characteristics in the wood and hardwood industry and not considered a defect.

Structural Warranty

Majesty Wood Floors warrants to the original purchaser, that it’s Engineered Hardwood floor will not delaminate (separation of the plies) in normal maintained environmental conditions, when used in residential or commercial applications for a lifetime.

Exclusions and Limitations

No warranty coverage is provided for flooring with visual defects of any kind, after the materials are installed. Use constitutes acceptance. If you are installing the floor, you are accepting width, lengths, thickness, color, shade and dye lot of the product and no claims will be honored after the floor is installed for these listed reasons. Visual defects or obvious defects must be reported to local retailer who sold the floor or directly to Majesty Hardwood Floors, so defective material may be exchanged. All warranties will be voided after your floor has been sanded down to bare wood. All warranties are voided if installed over radiant heat unless installation instructions are followed.

These warranties do not cover damages or defects of any kind caused by accidents, negligence or misuse of the product including, but not limited to, indentations, scratches, grit, sand, spike heels, fire, flooding, standing water, pets, furniture with inappropriate floor protectors, micro scratching from topical dust and improper maintenance or appliances. Stains or defects used by accidental liquid dropping, use of wax or oil soaps for cleaning is not covered by these warranties.

These warranties do not cover damages or defects caused by excessive moisture including, but not limited to, excessive ground moisture, improper humidity inside the home or commercial space, water leaks caused by accident, broken pipes or appliances, failure to evaluate the jobsite before installation. These warranties exclude and will not pay consequential or incidental damages associated with any warranty claim. Majesty will not pay costs associated with relocation or disruption in living during the repair process such as time loss (work loss) for access, hotels, meals, or moving and storage of furniture. This limitation does not apply to claims for personal injury. Some states do not allow limits on warranties, or on remedies for breach in certain transactions. In such states, the limits in this paragraph may not apply to you.

It is critical that all installations are done in accordance with the procedures as outlined in the Majesty Hardwood Floors’ installation instructions which can be found online at No damage or defects caused by improper installation or failure to provide a suitable installation environment are covered by this warranty. Failure to install your flooring in accordance with the flooring instructions will void all warranties.

The sole obligation and liability of Majesty Wood Floors under our limited warranties is to repair, replace or refinish the floor at Majesty Floors option. Only Majesty Wood Floors’ floor that were professionally installed by a fully licensed contractor (in accordance to State laws) will be eligible for labor cost reimbursement. If you installed the floor yourself, we will cover the cost of replacement material only. Any and all cost must be approved by Majesty Hardwood Floors.


Sweep or vacuum (with soft bristle brushes) or use an untreated dust mop on your floor regularly to remove dust and dirt. Wipe up any spills or spots immediately using a slightly damp clean white cloth or paper towel. Use Bona Hardwood cleaning products for maintenance. Never use a wet cloth or mop, this can cause the floor to lose gloss level, crack, warp, bend, shrink, buckle and cause various reactions to the wood floor which will void your warranties.

Color Change

Wood in a natural product. Color Change on all wood products are normal and the amount will vary on the amount of sunlight, heat, air conditioning etc. the floor receives. In addition, change in color with age of floor is not considered a defect. Use blinds or drapes to minimize excessive sunlight exposure on the floor. Area rugs and large pieces of furniture not moved over periods of time will block sunlight from spreading across the floor evenly, so overtime the floor under these items could change or retain original color. It’s best to rotate furniture and traffic patterns to distribute usage evenly overtime. This will also change walk patterns to get the best performance of your floor.

What to Expect

Due to extra long lengths and extra wide planks seasonal gaps are normal especially when the floor is installed over radiant heated systems and isn’t considered a defect. Wood can expand and contract.

Minor surface “checking” may appear during the winter months as the humidity levels rise and often in the summer as humidity levels fall.

Surface checking may also be common when installed over radiant heating systems when temperatures are not being followed based on Majesty Hardwood Flooring installation instructions.

Gloss reduction is common with all of Majesty Wood Floors styles, and this usually occurs when the floor is cleaned improperly. Please follow the Floor Care and Maintenance instructions.

When stapling or nailing the floor some squeaking is to be expected. Using Flooring Kraft Paper can help minimize these noises, but also adding tongue and groove adhesive such as Eurobond, D3 or other approved T&G approved adhesives will ultimately be the best solution for noise reduction.

Temperature & Humidity

After your floor is installed, it is critical to keep the temperature of the Wood Floors to a comfortable human acceptability. The temperature should be kept between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit at all times and the relative humidity should be between 35%-55% at all times. Failure to keep room setting in these parameters WILL result the floor cracking, warping, bending, buckling, dramatic shrinking, and many other visual or unevenness that will void all warranties.

No one is authorized to change the terms or coverage of this warranty other than Majesty Hardwoods. Some exclusions or limitations stated in this warranty are not allowed in some states, so some limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You many have other rights which vary from state to state.

Filing a Claim

Contact Retailer where the original purchase was made. If for some reason your retailer or distributor is unable to satisfy your claim, you may contact us via email at You will be requested to present original sales invoice and identity of original purchaser to file the claim. Majesty Hardwood will then send a representative to inspect and make a determination of floor condition. A floor sample may be required for testing. Analysis will to follow.